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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Excerpt from "Kill Me Tomorrow" by Diane Alberts.

Today we have an excerpt from "Kill Me Tomorrow" a paranormal romance novel by Diane Alberts. "Kill Me Tomorrow" was released on October 28th from Decadent Publishing as part of it's 1NS series.

Diane Alberts lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband, four kids, and a bird. She lives in the mountains - but wishes it were the beach. She has been writing since she was in elementary school, but only recently fulfilled her dreams of being published in 2011. She enjoys dyeing yarn and knitting in her “spare” time.

Look for Reclaimed, available soon from Decadent Publishing. Also, Escape To Me, Diane’s second contribution to the 1NS series, just recently got contracted.

She loves interacting with readers, so feel free to email her! Email address:

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