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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review of Desert Dreams by JA Campbell

Publisher: Echelon Press

Release Date: July 11, 2011

Series: #4 of Into The West

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Book Blurb (from Goodreads):

After her dreams about the uncertain survival of the Taggarts' ranch, Tina travels back in time and gets lost in the desert. After being rescued by the ancestors of her Medicine Man friend, she finds her infamous cowboy friend, Rowe, again. The duo end up another adventure in the Wild West, facing horse thieves and the unpredictable elements as they search for a legendary silver mine. Tina knows where the mine is, but without a map, and without the interstate to guide her, she and Rowe have to rely on the local Navajo to help them.

When Tina finally makes it home, she has to face the consequences of her time-traveling adventures. Her family and friends all think she's gone missing. 

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this installment of the story. It was sweet, with the romance between Tina and Rowe progressing nicely. There are several kissing scenes and I like that Campbell didn't take them further than that. It may not be all that realistic these days, to not have the teenage leads engage in sex, but it works within the context of the story and there are teens who don't engage in sex, though you wouldn't know it to listen to the news.

This story picks up a few days after the last one, "Silver Rush", ended. Remember when I said, "Not smart, Tina, not smart"? in my review of "Silver Rush"? Well, she realizes that her actions may have been hasty and she certainly has to live with the consequences, though they are less severe than they could have been. This installment has more action than the previous one though what happens is a direct result of that chapter. The pace flows smoothly and we learn a little more about both Tina and Rowe. I like that they are both responsible, well, most of the time, but also know how to enjoy themselves and have a sense of humor. We really get to see more of Rowe in this one. 

Rowe snorted. "I didn't kiss you to make you agree to anything. Kissed you because I wanted to kiss you. 'Course, if it helps, then I'll do it again."

Good one Rowe! :D 

Tina and Rowe, along with a young Indian man named Nata, head out to find a silver mine. We don't get to know him well, but he is willing to help them and I think we may see more of him in the next two installments. The silver mine, Tina believes, could help Rowe and his employer fight off the hostile takeover they've been dealing with. She knows, sort of, where it is but can't find it on a map. Nata and Rowe know the local area so they join forces to find the mine.

Naturally, there's danger along the way and some more kissing, :). By the end of the story, I really couldn't see where it was going or how everything will end. I want an HEA for Tina and Rowe but can't see how Campbell will make it work. She assured me, via Twitter, when I commented on it, that everything works out. Now, that's no guarantee that it will work out the way I want it to but I'm somewhat reassured.

If you haven't picked up this series yet, you really should. It's fun, engaging and interesting.

I own this ebook.


  1. Thanks for the review :) I'm actually kind of relieved that you have no idea how I'm going to work it out. I hoped it wasn't to obvious :)

    Julie/J.A. Campbell

  2. Possibly, with hindsight, I'll kick myself and go "How did I not see that?" But yeah, right now, I can't see it.

    Thanks for stopping by. :)


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