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Monday, February 21, 2011

Review of Mudkin by Stephen Gammell

Book Blurb: "Rain's gone! Time to play!" commands the queen. Well, she's not really a queen--just an ordinary girl who has an extraordinary day. She meets Mudkin, a friendly creature who whips up a robe and crown for her. Away they go to meet Her Majesty's subjects. Even if the kingdom lasts only until the next rain shower, the crown Mudkin gives her is forever. In his unmistakable style, Caldecott-winning artist Stephen Gammell creates an ode to the most potent of childhood mixtures: mud and imagination.

My Thoughts: I really like the artwork in this book. The colors are gorgeous and there's just the right amount of detail, the pages are not crowded or busy. There's some text but it's primarily a picture book.

     We see a young girl playing outside in the mud, when suddenly part of the mud turns into a sentient being that invites her to play. Gammell leaves it up to the reader to decide if the mud creature is real or a figment of the girls vivid imagination. And what an imagination she has; her mud creations are amazing and varied. We see her gleefully playing the mud, getting thoroughly dirty until the sun comes out and the book ends.

     In all, it's a fun book with gorgeous artwork and a story that celebrates getting dirty and using your imagination. A caution: The mud creatures can be a little scary looking for the younger kids.

Publisher: Carolrhoda Books

Release date: April 2011

More info: Amazon

Age range: 4-8 according to the publisher but I think it works for 3 year olds also.

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