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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

SALE! Get a Great Deal on a Box Set by Pamela Clare!


Are you a contemporary romance fan? Maybe a fan of Pamela Clare? Or maybe you have been wanting tp try her. Well, now you can dive in with a 4 book box set of her Colorado High Country series. You get 4 amazing books for 99 cents! Yes, 4 full length novels for a buck. This sale is at Amazon (and not just the US! Though international prices may be slightly different), Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iTunes. So warm up your fingers and one click!


The books you get (links go to Goodreads):

 #1 Barely Breathing

#2 Slow Burn

#3 Falling Hard

#4 Tempting Fate

 I don't do many sale posts but Ms. Clare writes awesome books and I always enjoy her Twitter and Facebook feeds and her Facebook reader group. And, the profits from this sale will help with the cost of an upcoming surgery for Ms. Clare. So, treat yourself to some books and help Pamela Clare with her medical expenses. Already own the books? They make a nice gift for a fellow reader. :)


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