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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Growing the TBR Pile - November Books We're Anticipating

 Bea's Book Nook, Growing the TBR Pile

Growing the TBR pile is a new monthly feature where we share upcoming releases that we're excited about.

Bea's Books ~

Book 5 of Tales of Tranquility; Nov. 7th release date

I enjoy this series and I'm not a big fan of epic fantasy. But Bethany is a strong, snarky, honorable, socially awkward woman and warrior who takes no crap but secretly has a soft side. Add in lots of fighting, politics, humor, and some romance, and the occasional cliff hanger, and this series keep me coming back for more.

A band of mercenaries. A missing knight. A midnight prison break.
It's just another day for the Queen of Taftlin.

 Nov. 21st release date

I loved the first 5 or 6 Sookie books and I've read some of the short stories but have missed on others. With this book, I can catch up on the ones I've missed.

For the first time together in one volume, the complete short story collection starring Sookie Stackhouse—with a new introduction from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the series, Charlaine Harris.

For the first time together in one volume, here is the complete short story collection starring Louisiana’s favorite telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse—from #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris. New fans can fill in the gaps in their Sookie lore while old friends can revisit some of their favorite moments and characters. From investigating the murder of a local fairy to learning that her cousin was a vampire, from remodeling her best friend’s house to attending a wedding with her shapeshifting boss, Sam, Sookie navigates the perils and pitfalls of the paranormal world.

Belly up to the bar at Bon Temps’s favorite watering hole and hear stories that will make you wish Sookie never left, including...

“Fairy Dust”
“One Word Answer”
“Dracula Night”
“Gift Wrap”
“Two Blondes”
“If I Had a Hammer”
“Small-Town Wedding”
“Playing Possum”
“In the Blue Hereafter”

This definitive collection is the perfect binge read for people who like their stories with bite!

Steph's Book ~

Stephanie Plum #24; Nov. 21st release date
This series has been a favorite of mine for years. Yes they have gotten predictable but they still make me LOL. So I will have a date with Hardcore 24 and a bottle of wine sometime this month.


What books - print, ebook, or audio - are YOU looking forward to next month? Share in the comments.


  1. Oh yes... Lets grow that TBR. Great November releases coming.

  2. I grew my TBR pile a bit more than I should have, this week! None of these are on it, though. Believe it or not, I've never read Charlaine Harris or Janet Evanovich. Maybe someday. [looks at TBR shelves and virtual TBR pile] Then again, maybe not!

    1. There's always room for one more! :P Though, the Evanovich books could probably be library books. I'm trying to whittle down my TBR pile but I seem to add more than I read in any given week.


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