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Monday, October 16, 2017

Bea Reviews The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O'Neill

Bea's Book Nook, Review, The Tea Dragon Society, Katie O'Neill
Publisher: Oni Press 
Source: the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Release Date: October 31st, 2017 
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Blurb from goodreads:

From the award-winning author of Princess Princess Ever After comes The Tea Dragon Society, a charming all-ages book that follows the story of Greta, a blacksmith apprentice, and the people she meets as she becomes entwined in the enchanting world of tea dragons.

After discovering a lost tea dragon in the marketplace, Greta learns about the dying art form of tea dragon care-taking from the kind tea shop owners, Hesekiel and Erik. As she befriends them and their shy ward, Minette, Greta sees how the craft enriches their lives—and eventually her own.

My Thoughts:

Dragons! Tea! And a gorgeous cover, how could I resist? I didn't even pretend to read this for my class, it was purely for me. And it's too old for my kids. :D

This was such a sweet, gentle, and beautiful story. "The Tea Dragon Society" is a gentle story about acceptance, friendship, responsibility, caring, and the importance of keeping the old traditions and crafts alive. Greta is a sweet and kind girl who at first questions why traditions and pastimes that seem outdated should be kept going but over the course of the story she learns why. It's also about knowing when to let go of the past because sometimes holding on is hurtful and holds you back from living your life fully and with love. It has a good message, gently written, about accepting people for who they are, not who they used to be or who you want them to be, and about accepting new ideas, thinking of others, and doing what's right.

The art within this graphic novel is just lovely, absolutely gorgeous. Pastel and medium shades, an old-fashioned art style, and charming details all make for a visual treat. And there's an easy diversity of  characters; they're of different races, different species, different sexualities, different cognitive abilities, and different physical abilities. Despite their differences, no one is treated as lesser or inferior. There's a gentle but strong respect for everyone and their gifts. What a great book for a classroom.

And the dragons! Oh, these dragons are just adorable. But don't let that adorable exterior fool you. They can be temperamental and demanding, but also exceedingly loyal and devoted. They remind me a lot of cats, lol. The end of the book has a lovely extract from a handbook about tea dragons. 

"The Tea Dragon Society" is an enjoyable book for most ages.

Some of the exquisite artwork in this book:


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