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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bea Reviews Siren's Serenade by Dominique Eastwick

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Series:Wiccan Haus  #4
Source: the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Release Date: September 4, 2015
Challenges: What An Animal
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Blurb from goodreads:

When Coast Guard rescue swimmer Kaleb Theldon sees what he's sure is a mermaid pulling his partner into the murky depths of the Bering Sea, they call it PTSD. In order to save his career, Kaleb agrees to a week at an island spa off the coast of Maine. But the spa is nothing like he expected, and he isn't prepared for the sexy siren that crosses his path. But will her passion be more than one mere human can take?

Serena has a problem, and after four previous visits to the Wiccan Haus, she'd expected things to get easier. But on the mermaid’s fifth visit, Kaleb walks in and everything in her life becomes complicated. Never has she wanted to mate with a human man before. But can she love a man who has a chip on his shoulder a league long when it comes to mermaids? Can she deal with her own issues all while keeping her true self secret from the man she loves?

And will loving him prove deadly?

This time, the staff have more than healing on their agenda. Can the siblings, Myron, and Rekkus prove to these two lovers that things aren't always how they appear on the surface? Or will Kaleb's demise be found in his Siren's Serenade?

Bea's Thoughts:

Rekkus was back in this one! I do like that grumbly cat :) and he has reason to be grumbly this time around. Serena is a para that he needs to keep an eye on to ensure she doesn't kill any of the staff or guests. She's a mermaid but in this world, mermaids are a blend of our mermaids and sirens. In order to have children, they need human males (apparently there aren't any mermen) but the man has to die for the child to be conceived. Yep, that's a problem. Serena is also the heir to the mermaid throne but, she needs to get pregnant by a certain date and she's not willing to kill a human for that to happen. I may be female but I am human so I appreciate her reluctance to kill one of my species.

So Serena has made multiple visits to Wiccan Haus, hoping they can help her break the curse. On her most recent visit, she begins to help an injured were-shark, and meets Kaleb, a human who saw a mermaid and now his supervisor thinks he's nutso. You can see the potential conflicts, right? The shark/were-shark story line was a little muddled but interesting, but it helped to flesh out Serena's character and showed us more of the Wiccan Haus world. Kaleb is smart, funny, caring, and protective. Serena is spunky, prinicpled, endearingly ignorant of the human world, and an expert seductress.

"I know you're two hundred years old at least - which, by the way, makes you a serious cougar - "
"I am not a were-cougar." Why would he think she held a shifter gene?
"Cougar, honey, is a lady much older than the man she's with."
"That's a silly name."

I do love this world and all of the different creatures we're seeing. Kaleb and Serena's story was both sweet and steamy. Their romance, like all in this series is a whirlwind, but it developed nicely. They're a good couple; they respect and love each other and make each other a priority. I could have done without the epilogue; too sickly sweet and it leaves little room for future development in the series. Three solid stars overall.


  1. I was just thinking about this series and that I needed to get caught up on it. I do love some grumbly :D

    1. Rekkus is definitely grumbly; Kaleb not so much. :)

  2. Sounds like another good read.

    1. Probably not your cup of tea but a good story.

  3. Not sure if this is for me, I don't do well with water creature stories.

    1. No water creatures? Why not? But yeah, probably not the story for you. :(

  4. Alright you have made me curious even though Mer-books and I often don't mix well. I love that there is a grumpy cat.

    1. Interesting, what is it about mer creatures that doesn't work for people?


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