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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dark Heir by Faith Hunter: GROUP REVIEW And EXCERPT

Publisher: ROC
Series: Jane Yellowrock #9
Format Read: paperback & eGalley
Source: the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Bea's Challenges: Finishing the Series; What An Animal; NetGalley and Edelweiss ARCs;
Release Date: April 7, 2015
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Blurb from tour kit:

Shapeshifting skinwalker Jane Yellowrock is the best in the business when it comes to slaying vampires. But her latest fanged foe may be above her pay grade…

For centuries, the extremely powerful and ruthless vampire witches of the European Council have wandered the Earth, controlling governments, fostering war, creating political conflict, and often leaving absolute destruction in their wake. One of the strongest of them is set to create some havoc in the city of New Orleans, and it’s definitely personal.

Jane is tasked with tracking him down. With the help of a tech wiz and an ex-Army ranger, her partners in Yellowrock Securities, she’ll have to put everything on the line, and hope it’s enough. Things are about to get real hard in the Big Easy.

Bea's Thoughts:

I like Jane more and more with each book. Nine books into the series and she is in some ways different than the Jane we first met. She grows, she makes mistakes, she changes, she stretches herself. For one thing, she's much more contemplative than she used to be. She can see the changes in herself and ponders whether they are positive or negative. A series with characters who don't change or grow is boring and this series is absolutely not boring. I did have a feeling of deja vu reading this as Eli reminded me of Ranger from the Stephanie Plum series; his  habit of calling Jane 'babe', his healthy eating, his laconic speaking, his frightening competence, and his Ranger background. But Eli has more depth and he too is changing and evolving. Hunter writes fantastic secondary characters who are as complex and developed as any of the main characters. Most of the time, I hate Leo, the vampire Master of the City, but then he'll say or do something so right or thoughtful or good, that I start to thaw. Then he goes all evil vamp and I'm back to disliking him again.

The story hits the ground running and Jane hardly has a minute to breathe, though she does manage some time with her 'something' aka her significant other. I liked Jane's explanation for how she came up with that term, which is not as insulting as it might seem on the surface. But I digress. The threat from the European vampires still hangs over Jane and the New Orleans vampires. But there's a more immediate threat from an old, powerful, deadly vamp who has been in New Orleans for decades and is now on the loose, killing both humans and vampires. I liked how Hunter tied in the events of the very first Jane book with what happens in this book. Each book, each story, builds on what happened before resulting in complex, layered stories. Jax and were talking about the story and we both agreed that vampire politics give us a headache.  But, in my opinion, they help make for stories that really showcase Jane, Eli, Bruiser and the other characters and make them so real. And despite the politics and the action, for me, it's the characters and the ever-evolving world building that make this book and this series shine. 

Jax's Thoughts: Oy, the politics. If I were Jane, there'd be so much more destruction after dealing with the secrets and machinations of vampires. But what would make for a helluva headache in life does make for excellent novels. Jane and her cohorts do a wonderful job teasing the knots out of the threads of the past to put together a plan for saving the world as we (well, they) know it. But what I love about Hunter's work is that she balances Jane's growing knowledge, talents and skills with road blocks and consequences. It makes the victories more satisfying and keeps the series from getting stale.

Jane is still Jane, yet she is far different from when the series started. And aware of it. I love that she is introspective and even insecure with her new circumstances. It doesn't stop her from kicking ass and giving out snarky nicknames, but it keeps her grounded. It's awesome to see her develop new relationships, and to struggle with old ones. Her life shifts and she has to find ways to adjust. As usual, I had a blast reading her adventures and look forward to the next one.

Steph's Thoughts:

I have loved this series since book 1 and I was not disappointed in this installment. This book is not boring but fast moving with lots of action. I am hoping that Faith Hunter keeps up the new plots and action with the next books. So far this series is not getting old and is keeping me very interested.

Jane is one of my all time favorite female characters. I love how she gives crap to the vamps. She is so snarky, tells it like it is and for the most part gets away with it. She continues to grow as a character in each book. She learns more about herself and her beast in each book. I am still not sure of her relationship with Bruiser but he is growing on me with every book and I love how she describes their relationship as “something”. Once you get to a certain age/maturity level the term boyfriend just doesn’t seem to fit anymore, so the “my something” just clicked with me. Overall, I loved this book. Their relationship shows a different side of Jane and it is nice to see that side of her.

DISCLOSURE: Both Steph and Bea are members of Faith Hunter's street team. This does not affect our reviews or our opinions.

About Faith Hunter:
New York Times Bestselling author Faith Hunter writes fantasy in several subgenres: the urban fantasy Skinwalker series, featuring Jane Yellowrock, a Cherokee skinwalker; the post-apocalyptic Rogue Mage series and RPG, featuring Thorn St. Croix, a stone mage; and the upcoming SoulWood trilogy featuring Nell Nicholson Ingram, a woman who can siphon off the magic of others and is drawn into solving paranormal crimes. Faith writes mystery and thrillers under the name Gwen Hunter. When she isn’t writing, Faith likes to make jewelry, run whitewater rivers (Class II and III), and RV with her hubby and their rescued dogs.
Find Faith online: 


I have an exclusive excerpt for you. To more fully appreciate it, follow the tour and read each stop's excerpt. Be sure to read in order! List of stops at the end of the excerpt. 

Dark Heir excerpt #13

“Drink this, Jane Yellowrock. Drink, Dalonige‘i Digadoli.”
“Holy crap.” I spat and struggled against the taste, pulling away from the hands that held me. “That tastes like something you killed and let rot.”
“Not far from the truth,” Aggie said. “Now, drink, or I’ll hold your nose and force it down your throat.”
I sat up and managed to open my eyes, holding her away from me with the hand that ached and thrummed with pain. A hand that felt both cold and feverish. “Last time someone tried to dose me against my will, I called her a bitch. I think I was fourteen.”
“And did she hold you down and force it into you?”
“Yes. Not fair.”
“Look at your hands, Jane.”
I looked. The fingers of my right hand were traced with red lines and massive purple bruises. The coldness and improbable heat I had sensed in it was aching and heavy, a cold that burned. My left hand was similarly damaged, but not quite so far along—just red lines so far. I looked at my feet and saw the red lines traced there too. “All over?”
“Yes. Now, drink. I may be able to help you. If not, Eli will take you to the hospital.”
Yunega medicine won’t help me, lisi. They’ll put me in a cage to study.”
“Yes. That is a possibility.”

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