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Monday, March 9, 2015

Quote-Tastic & Review: Star Trek Vol 9 The Q Gambit by Mike Johnson

Publisher: IDW Publishing
Series: Star Trek: Ongoing
Format Read: eGalley
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Blurb from goodreads:

The crew of the new Star Trek film franchise encounters the classic villain Q for the first time in this galaxy-spanning adventure developed in association with screenwriter/producer Roberto Orci! The mischievous Q sends James T. Kirk on a quest that will see the Enterprise joining forces with familiar faces from Star Trek lore. Collects issues #35–40.

Bea's Thoughts:

Oh Q, you rude, thoughtless, arrogant, selfish, meddling omnipotent being. You liven up every episode with your bad behavior and your humor. I wouldn't want to know you in real life but you are an excellent character; you cause chaos while also managing to be helpful, intentionally or unintentionally; you poke and prod the other characters into being their best selves, albeit usually to your benefit. You create waves and make things happen.

In this story, Q visits Picard from the Next Generation, then the rebooted Enterprise with the new Kirk and crew and then we get an alternate history complete with characters from Deep Space Nine. Yep, it's quite the mash-up,with crews from different series, timelines and universes. It could have been a mess but Johnson makes it work, keeping what we love best about individual characters and races while also giving them a new spin. I loved seeing his versions of Picard, Worf, Chief O'Brien and Keiko O'Brien as well as Kira, Dax, Sisko, Bashir and Gul Dukat.

The story was nothing too spectacular; it was pretty basic Trek time travel/alternate universe tropes. For me the highlight was Johnson's spin on all of the characters and their interactions with each other. He absolutely nailed Q and his visual depictions of all of the characters was spot on. The characters made the story for me; the storyline was purely secondary. I'm not sure how much sense the story would make to someone new to the Trek universe but if you're a fan I think you'll enjoy the story.

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With Q in the story, it was hard to choose just one quote and not picking something spoilery was a challenge.

In this scene,Q has manifested in Cardassian form and he's whining. I know, what a surprise. :P

"Yes, but the Cardassian species is one of my least favorite to imitate. Every time I do it I feel so...constipated."

Q just has to push and push and push, not unlike a toddler. He and Kirk are talking in this scene:

"You've done nothing but put my crew in danger and taunt us with your godlike power...and now you're asking for my help?" "You don't have to make it sound so unreasonable."

Scotty, Kirk and the bridge crew have been captured. Scotty is urging Kirk to come up with a plan.

"Begging your pardon, Captain, but if you're planning our daring escape, now might be a good time."


  1. Ah, gotta love Q ! He's one of my favorite troublemakers ;)

    1. Yep, he's the bad boy you can't help but love.:D

  2. LOL you don't have to make it sound so unreasonable. ::snort::

  3. I admit, im not a hardcore fan..but I do love the TV shows when I catch them. Great quotes ;)


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