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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bea Reviews Christmas Gift that Keeps Wagging by Jennifer Conner

Publisher: Books To Go Now
Series: Dog Tails #2
Format Read: Kindle book 
Source: borrowed from Reanna at Phantasmic Reads
Release Date: November 6, 2013
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Blurb from goodreads:

Julian Barrows has his hands full working full time and being a single dad to his kindergarten, special needs son, Gabe. Gabe's teacher convinces Julian he doesn't need to do everything on his own and introduces him to a seizure dog trainer, Hanna Acker.

Hanna and her sister grew up without any 'Christmas Cheer'. She's trying to get her sister through college and doesn't have time to let anyone too close, especially the handsome single dad with a kid.

But, Christmas has a way of changing what we thought we wanted... especially when Santa and an adorable four-legged 'elf' are involved.

Bea's Thoughts:

Reanna from Phantasmic Reads and I were talking on Twitter during the Ho Ho Ho Read-a-Thon last month and she mentioned this book. It sounded cute so she offered to loan it to me via Kindle. It was a cute story, so thanks Reanna!

Being a single parent is challenging at the best of times but when your child has a medical condition it's even more so. Julian's son Gabe has epilepsy, complete with grand mal seizures. Not surprisingly, it's affecting both his schoolwork and his interactions with his peers. Epilectic seizures often have triggers but Julian hasn't yet learned what they are (and doesn't during the story, which I though was odd). Gabe's teacher suggests that Julian look into getting a a dog specially trained to recognize a seizure, it's warning signs, and keep the person safe during the seizure.  

When the trainer Hanna shows up, there's an instant spark between them. Hanna is also struggling, acting as parent to her younger sister and helping put her through college. She's good at her work and assures Julian that they can find a dog that's a good match for both Gabe and Julian. She brings one dog with her who is already promised elsewhere.

"Christmas Gift That Keeps Wagging" is fairly predictable but it's a sweet, and clean, romance with cute moments and an uplifting message. It captures the hope of joy of the Christmas season and made me smile. I read it several times before my loan expired.

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  1. You are very welcome, Bea! I'm glad you enjoyed the story as much as I did :)


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