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Monday, October 20, 2014

Quote-Tastic #60 You Have No Shame or Guile

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Another month, another J.D. Robb quote. :D I do love her In Death books. While this one wasn't my favorite, it had some good quotes. Eve is a sneaky, clever woman who understands how people think. In this scene, she is telling her police partner, Peabody, how to get her grandmother to mail her some homemade chicken soup. 

"I'm totally charged up again. Maybe I should go buy a gallon of that soup. No! I'll e-mail my granny, and I'll sweet-talk her into sending me some."
 "You have no shame, or guile." Eve led the way out, still sipping her soup. "You e-mail her and tell her you just had some soup that's as good as hers - subtext, maybe better - and it made you think about her, blah blah. How good it was, on a cold, crappy day in New York, yadda, yadda. She'll cook up a batch and ship it out to prove hers is better."
Peabody slid into the car, stared at Eve. "Have you met my granny, because that exactly what she'd do. That's brilliant."


  1. The two of them are so dang good together! I love their scenes :)

  2. OMG! I have to say, Peabody is so SMART!! Haha!

  3. Replies
    1. Heh, I wouldn't know. No one in my family makes soup but aI can appreciate the sentiment.

  4. I love Dallas & Peabody's interactions!!

  5. They both have no shame, LOL !


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