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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Giveaway & Review of Doghouse by L.A. Kornetsky

Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Gin & Tonic #3
Format Read: paperback
Source: the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Release Date: July 22, 2014
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Blurb from goodreads:

In the third novel in the "entertaining" (Library Journal) Gin and Tonic mystery series, the stakes are raised when Ginny Mallard and Teddy Tonica stumble on an underground dog fighting ring with bloody consequences.

Even though she's unlicensed as an investigator, the infamously nosy Ginny Mallard has begun to make a name for herself as an unofficial champion of the tongue-tied. When a mysterious stranger comes to her with landlord trouble, she convinces her bartender friend Teddy Tonica to help her once more. Soon, they realize they might have got themselves tied up in an underground dogfighting ring. With the help of Ginny's pet shar-pei puppy and Tonica's tabby cat, they have to figure out what's going on before someone else gets hurt. Will twelve legs really be better than four?

Bea's Thoughts:

Cats, dogs, a mystery - for an animal lover and mystery lover such as myself, this book was hard to resist. Plus, I'm a fan of the author's writing (she also writes as Laura Anne Gilman). I had some qualms about the dogfighting aspect of the story, I can't even look at pictures in news stories (and neither can Ginny, one of the characters) but of course, there are no pictures and Kornetsky is light on details.

Ginny and Teddy have developed a nice relationship - they know and respect each other, appreciate each other's strengths and weaknesses, work well together, and tease each other. They've become friends and co-workers. Despite being unlicensed as investigators, they've developed a reputation for helping people. This time, they're helping the friend of a co-worker. Of course, it quickly becomes complicated and the investigation takes several twists and turns. Compassion, good intentions, and friendship can get messy,

Teddy's co-workers Stacy and Seth have larger roles in this book while the animals Penny the cat and Georgie the dog have smaller roles. Georgie looks like such a sweet dog but is really quite bad ass. :D The supporting cast, human and otherwise, adds texture to the story and variety, livening things up at times. I wish the animals had a bigger role in the story but I liked how believable their roles were as well as their behavior. Parsifal the puppy was a sweetie, I hope he'll be back.

The mystery meanders a bit; it's not solved quickly, but in a realistic manner. There are false starts, red herrings, and lots of leg work. We meet a new character, one of the bad guys, who seems deliciously complex and devious. It's hinted that he'll be back, possibly as a recurring villain. The wrap up to the case and to the mysteries is both convenient and messy and very lifelike. It's not handily tied up in a neat bow, which was a plus for me. Ginny, Teddy, Penny, and Georgie are vibrant personalities and "Doghouse" was a smooth, entertaining, and fun read.

EXCERPT from Doghouse and guest post by L.A. Kornetsky


Thanks to Pocket Books I have a paperback copy to give to one US reader. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Please read my giveaway policy.

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