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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bloggers! Authors! Get Your Own T-shirt!

Yes, you can get your own shirt. Author Laura K. Curtis was inspired to make a shirt with a name tag on it that said 'Author' and had space for someone to write their name on it. Then after a Twitter conversation, she made one for bloggers too. Both shirts were done through TeeSpring but a minimum number of shirts has to be ordered before they will be printed. So, Ms. Curtis put them on Cafe Press too and there's a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes. She also has lots of other cool merchandise, including crankypants, which apparently started the whole crazy exercise. That was inspired by a Twitter convo also. :D Check them out, and make sure you have your credit card handy!

These are a few of the items I want -

Womens Blogger tee -

Cranky Pants (not available in my size) -

Cranky pajamas - (not in my size)

Cranky tee shirt (also not in my size *cries*) -

Don't Read the Comments Water Bottle -

These are fun items and perfect for attending conferences or workshops. You can use permanent marker on the blogger and author tee shirts to write your name and never again have to worry about losing a name tag!

Come back next week for an excerpt from her newest book, "Toying With His Affections" and enter the giveaway! 


  1. Oh, I think I want one of those blogger shirts!

  2. I want one; I just can't decide between the black or the blue.

  3. Hey, Bea. Things have gotten a little more colourful since I was here last. Liking the blog's new duds, and the cats - you can never go wrong with cats. :)

    The clothes are fun and the personalisation options work nicely. Here's hoping more people read our blogs than the t-shirts, though.

  4. Oh these are fun! Such a neat way to not have to worry about losing your name tag - I may grab one for BEA since I finally get to go :)


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