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Monday, May 12, 2014

Blog Tour Review & Giveaway of Murder at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison

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Publisher: Minotaur Books
Series: Honeychurch Hall #1
Format Read: eGalley
Source: the publisher in exchange for an honest review
Release Date: May 13, 2014
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Blurb from goodreads:

Kat Stanford is just days away from starting her dream antique business with her newly widowed mother Iris when she gets a huge shock. Iris has recklessly purchased a dilapidated carriage house at Honeychurch Hall, an isolated country estate located several hundred miles from London.

Yet it seems that Iris isn’t the only one with surprises at Honeychurch Hall. Behind the crumbling façade, the inhabitants of the stately mansion are a lively group of eccentrics to be sure—both upstairs and downstairs —and they all have more than their fair share of skeletons in the closet.

When the nanny goes missing, and Vera, the loyal housekeeper ends up dead in the grotto, suspicions abound. Throw in a feisty, octogenarian countess, a precocious seven year old who is obsessed with the famous fighter pilot called Biggles, and a treasure trove of antiques, and there is more than one motive for murder.

As Iris’s past comes back to haunt her, Kat realizes she hardly knows her mother at all. And when the bodies start piling up, it is up to Kat to unravel the tangled truth behind the murders at Honeychurch Hall.

Bea's Thoughts:

"Murder at Honeychurch Hall" is a fantastic start to a new series. It's quirky, funny, and engaging. The main characters, Kat  and her mother Iris, are realistic and flawed. Kat is judgmental, especially where her mother is concerned, and Iris is judgmental too as well as high-handed. Yet, they were eminently likable. Iris's back story, which figures into the plot, was a hot soap opera mess but Dennison made it, mostly, believable. There are side stories, some of which play out while a few just stop. The characters are clearly drawn and quirky but not annoyingly so, the story meanders a bit but never loses sight of its destination, and there's a healthy dose of humor. Dennison doesn't dish out all of the information at once but slowly unveils it. Some things should have been more fully explained sooner but it mostly works. There are twists and turns and most of them were true surprises and the mystery kept me guessing for the most part. It took me a few days to read thanks to having to work and sleep but it's a quick read and doesn't require a lot of brain power. It's fluffy, silly, and fun. I'm looking forward to more in the series.

About The Author ~
Born in England, Hannah relocated to Los Angeles with her daughter and two cats to pursue a career in screenwriting. Along the road to publication she has been an obituary reporter, antique dealer, private jet flight attendant and Hollywood story analyst. Hannah is the author of the Vicky Hill Mysteries (Constable UK) and the first, in her new series, “Murder at Honeychurch Hall” (Minotaur). Now living in Portland, Oregon Hannah continues to teach mystery writing at UCLA, has served on numerous judging committees for the Mystery Writers of America and still works part-time for a west coast advertising agency. She is married to an advertising executive and enjoys hiking, horseback riding, skiing and seriously good chocolate.  

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  1. This is my favorite genre of literature so I can't wait to read this.

  2. Looks great, I hope I get a chance to read it :)

  3. Sounds like a great book to keep my on the edge of my seat! :)

  4. Sounds intriguing! I love mysteries!

  5. I love cozy mysteries and your book sounds delightful. Sounds like some fun characters .

  6. I'm reading this now, and I agree with Bea's assessment: quirky and fun! I love the mice and the other Victorian toy (trying not to give anything away!)

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by today everyone. I so appreciate it.
    Lark - there is a rather cute little story behind the Jerry mice. I'll be writing about it on my website in the next couple of weeks so watch out for that!

  8. This one sounds like such a fun and quirky read Bea! I'm going to add it to my ever growing wishlist.

  9. I loved the Vicky Hill Series so I am looking foreword to reading this. Congrats on the new series.

  10. congrats to Hannah!!!
    I have your books in my TBR pile!! hope to get to them soon!!!

  11. Morning from the west coast! Thanks so much for your comments and support. I'm actually finishing up a 5th Vicky Hill adventure (at last!) I had to put her aside to focus on Honeychurch but now I'm back in Gipping-on-Plym and must admit, I have missed her.

  12. I was just reading about Honeychurch and its eccentric inhabitants on another blog post so I'm already intrigued. Please enter my name for the chance to win a copy. Thanks

  13. This book sounds like a goody for summer. I love cozies because they're so light and easy.

  14. This book is just too good to be real. I have to have it. It reads so much like my family I'd think you had our get togethers bugged.

  15. Carl, Vennie and Nora ...thanks of stopping by. Families are quite something aren't they! And of course, no one really recognizes themselves in a book ...

  16. This looks like a good weekend read - I like mysteries with a touch of humor.

  17. Bn100 and Starbreeze (love the name Starbreeze) - thanks for your enthusiasm and support!

  18. Sounds pretty good! I really like it when characters are flawed - to me it makes a book so much better. I don't know anyone perfect, so I don't like my characters to be either. Thanks for sharing Bea!

  19. Oh that sounds fun Bea! I'm loving the cover too. How pretty!


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