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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quote-Tastic #43 Trust me, baby, my p***s is harmless!

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I'm a little bit late this week; I lost track of time. Oooops. 

For several years I glommed onto fun UF series, Jane True by Nicole Peeler. Then I got busy and fell behind. It's one that I'm trying to catch up on this year; in the meantime, here's a quote from the first book, "Tempest Rising". Jane and her vampire lover are engaging in some smexy times. Jane is concerned about the physical repercussions and this is their conversation:

"Wow," I said, pulling my wrist down to look at it as he bent over to nuzzle my breasts. I inspected his handiwork; while my skin was still crisscrossed with ragged scars, they were nothing new. Ryu had completely healed me of his bite.

"Told you you'd be saying that often," Ryu reminded my cleavage, before he kissed up my body to my mouth. His eyes bore into mine as his hands shifted my hips for better access.

I must have looked concerned, because he smiled. 

"Don't worry," he murmured, "We don't need protection. My kind can't carry disease and neither can we procreate without intention. And procreation is not one of my many intentions for you tonight," he explained between kisses.

"Ummm, Ryu?" I retorted, intelligently, as he kissed down toward my cleavage again. It's just that I'de seen that made-for-tv movie, and I knew better than to believe a man who said, "Trust me, baby, my penis is harmless!"

"Hmmm?" He replied, nuzzling away at my boobs like a contented puppy. But when he saw that I still looked concerned, he smiled resignedly. "I've got protection, if it makes you feel better," he said. I nodded and he sighed, reaching for his trousers.

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  1. omg Trust me, baby, my penis is harmless! is hilarious. I'm so gonna have to try these :)

    1. It's a fun series with some serious moments. It blends UF, mythology, romance, and action.

  2. I love this cover. I never heard of this series and my penis is harmless, has hysterical :)

  3. harmless penis?...never, lols. Great quote Bea ;)

  4. Hahaha! Only in UF are penises harmless like that

  5. OMG!! Love it! My sister is loving this series and told me that I needed to read it. Sounds like she is right again.... Damn!


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