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Monday, April 14, 2014

Quote-Tastic #42 Alien Sex Probe and Diaper Clad Man-babies

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One of my fave authors is Jodi Redford. She writes steamy, fun romances and is a blast to chat with in Twitter and facebook. This quote is from her most recent book, "Sweet Sizzle: A Red Hot Valentine Story".  In the first quote, Rory is not a fan of Valentine's Day but she's out delivering baked goods for the holiday. She's talking in the phone to her partner and friend, Hailey. In the second quote, she's at the fire station talking to two fire fighters, Ben her ex and a new fighter Michael.

Rory nosed her Subaru into the Fire Station's service drive and scoped for a place to park. "I'll have you know that I managed to get through every single delivery without once mentioning the weirdness of venerating a holiday that encourages open bow season on humans via a Pampers-wearing man-baby."
Ben made a tsking sound. "Not nice to manhandle the probie that way."
Rory sent him a slit-eyed look before glancing at Michael. "Are you going to let him talk to you like that? He just called you an alien sex probe."
Michael looked suitably confused. "No, it's a term they call us new guys."
"What" They all call you an alien sex probe? What a bunch of jerks."
Michael bounced his deer-trapped-in-headlights stare to Ben. "I...don't know what we're talking about right now."
"Usually the case when it comes to Rory." Taking pity in his best mate, Ben strode to Michael's side and efficiently loosened Roy's grp with a strategic tug on her coat sleeve. He nodded to Michael. "Go. Now, young Skywalker, before the Wampa beast discovers our trickery."

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  1. I've got her on my tbr list :) And yes the man-baby is a little...weird. And creepy.

  2. Your blog post title sure is interesting!

  3. The first quote is one reason I prefer to think of him as Eros, not Cupid... a beautiful young man, rather than a cute toddler. ;-)


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