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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jax Reviews The Siren by Tiffany Reisz

Publisher: Mira
Release Date: July 16, 2012
Format Read: ebook
Source: reviewer purchased
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Blurb from goodreads:
Notorious Nora Sutherlin is famous for her delicious works of erotica, each one more popular with readers than the last. But her latest manuscript is different—more serious, more personal—and she's sure it'll be her breakout book...if it ever sees the light of day.

Zachary Easton holds Nora's fate in his well-manicured hands. The demanding British editor agrees to handle the book on one condition: he wants complete control. Nora must rewrite the entire novel to his exacting standards—in six weeks—or it's no deal.

Nora's grueling writing sessions with Zach are draining…and shockingly arousing. And a dangerous former lover has her wondering which is more torturous—staying away from him...or returning to his bed?

Nora thought she knew everything about being pushed to your limits. But in a world where passion is pain, nothing is ever that simple.

Jax's Thoughts:

Tiffany Reisz's motto is that it's not erotica until someone gets hurt. So, just a fair warning, this book contains BDSM. All her books do. It also contains some of the most compelling characters I've read in a long time.

A little background info that I learned at a signing: Reisz studied theology and Nora is based on Ruth from the Bible. The entire series has a strong and beautiful faith woven through the story. I reread all the books after learning that tidbit, and my love for the work found a new depth as I found an allegory within.
But let's stick to "The Siren". I'll fill you in on the rest of the books in other posts.

Nora and Zach....such a delightful dance between the two of them. She loves when he takes control, but she'll make him work to keep it. He pushes her to reach for the utmost limits of her talent, and she pushes him to test the limits of his comfort zone. The two of them both have issues to face outside their working relationship. The journey for her book ignites not just a spark between them, but blazes a path toward resolution for each of them. (Nora's path takes a little longer, but I suspect that's because she appreciates the pain of a long slow burn. Anticipation is half the fun, yes?)

I absolutely love this book. This series. (I have to admit, this isn't my favorite of the series, but it's still fantastic.) Smart, insightful, funny and downright hot. Most of the romance/erotica books might get your libido going but aren't much for intellectual stimulation. This one does both.
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  1. Great review! I loved, loved this book. It stretched my limits to place I didn't think I could go, I remember reading with morbid curiosity and I enjoyed every minute of it. For me, this was more a psychological thriller than an erotica romance.
    Which one is your favorite?

    1. The Angel is my favorite. I was so happy with the way both Griffin finds someone worth fighting for, and Michael realizes that he deserves to be loved.

  2. I was just talking about this series with someone last night. It's on my TBR list. That's an interesting little tidbit from the signing.

  3. I love meeting authors, and I have to say she's wonderful. I had so much fun. Though I've never had a bad time at a signing. :) That one is definitely one of my favorites.


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