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Monday, October 14, 2013

Quote-Tastic #20

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  Over 20 years ago, I found a book at the library that became one of my favorites and I bought it the first chance I got and I bought the subsequent books. "Pigs Don't Fly", the second book in the series by Mary Brown was a different sort of epic fantasy. Oh, there was a quest, but the questee, Summer, was a young peasant woman forced out of her home after her mother, the village whore, dies. She sets off to find a new home and long the way collects a blind knight and various animals. Thanks to a ring made from a unicorn horn that belonged to her late father, she's able to understand the animals and communicate with them after a fashion. Growch the dog is still one of my favorites; Oberon in Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series reminds me a lot of Growch. Along the way, Summer grows, matures, and becomes much more competent than she ever dreamed. In fact, her dreams change along the way. This scene is near the end and she's trying to convince Jasper, a dragon who can change into human form, to stay with her.

"Don't! Please don't leave me...."

"I must, girl. From now on our paths lie in different directions. Go back to Matthew, who will love and care for you, take the dragon gold to a big city and find a man you fancy, travel to--"

"I want you," I said. "Kiss me, please...." and I reached up and pulled his head down to mine, my hand cupped around his head. Suddenly he responded, he pulled me close, as close as a second skin, and his mouth came down on mine. It was a fierce, hot, possessive kiss that had my whole being fused into his and my body melting like sun-kissed ice into his warmth.

This series is one of my favorites; I think I feel a re-read coming on.Do you have any series that stick with you years later?


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  1. Oh nice! I'm a huge dragon junkie. I'm so going to hunt this down. I'd never heard of em before. Loved the pick this week :)

    1. The dragon appears late in the story but he's central to the next book. The books are probably dated now but I really enjoyed them.

  2. Awwwk it's so nice! The only really old book that stuck with me for years(8 and counting) is "Pride and Prejudice"... I do have a series that I keep re-reading but it's relatively new(only 4 years :D)

    Aly @ Aly's Miscellany

  3. Oh, this looks very Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Must check this one out!


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