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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why Doesn't She Just Leave the Jerk? A Guest Post by Lori L. Clark

Please welcome author Lori L. Clark to the Nook today. She reads, she writes, she runs 1/2 marathons for fun. Ten things about her:

1. She's an only child.
2. She loves dogs!
3. She was born in Iowa City, Iowa and lived in Iowa her whole life until January 2007.
4. She worked as a professional psychic reader for 2 years.
5. She's a Pisces Sun, Leo Moon with Aquarius rising.
6. She's written 5 books and is in the process of brainstorming a 6th.
7. She doesn't look or act her age!
8. ISheran my first 1/2 marathon at age 50.
9. She loves 80's hair band music.
10. Her day job is as a claims payment analyst for one of Fortune 500 Magazine's "Top 100 places in America to work."

I haven't experienced any of the abuse that Jaq suffered. The date rape scene is fairly early in the book, and I used it as the main catalyst for a young woman's life spiraling out of control. That and making some really poor choices.

Some of the horrific things that happened to Jaq were the result of being too trusting of the wrong individual. Also she believed that somewhere, some way, something (or someone) would always come along to save the day.

Jaq's relationship with Damon was undeniably unhealthy. Unfortunately, it wasn't simply a matter of walking away from him and never looking back, in spite of how bad he was for her and to her. She knew how dangerous he was, the warning signs presented themselves to her, but what was it inside of her that caused her to continue seeing him?

I think a lot times we hear, see or read about someone in an abusive relationship and we think to ourselves, "Why doesn't she just leave the jerk and never look back?" While theoretically, that's the best, most sensible option, it's not always one the victim is able to make.

I believe it's often a case of poor self-esteem -- the thread of an idea in the back of their head that this is really all they deserve. Sometimes we stay in situations longer than we should because of fear and hopelessness. Who hasn't worked at a job they loathed far longer than they wanted to because they didn't think they had a choice? Who'll pay the bills? Where will I live? If I quit people will think I'm a failure. Etc. Etc. 

Sometimes people believe that being in a relationship, any relationship, even an abusive one, is better somehow than being alone.

There's a book inside of me begging to be written about the victim of rape who decides the only way out of her torment is to take her own life. That one's on the back burner for now, while I finish my current manuscript. Watch for a cover reveal on that one to pop up very soon!

Thank you for your questions!  


The Book
 It's been said that when we look back over our lives, we are able to recognize the pivotal moments that in some way, shape, or form have led us to where we are today.

When Jacqueline Carter is fifteen, she crosses paths for the first time with Seth Thomas, a young man who unwittingly alters the direction of her life forever.

Jaq plans to break-up with her boyfriend on her sixteenth birthday. Instead, she is date-raped, and left emotionally broken. She builds a wall around her heart and begins spiraling downward on a road filled with drinking, drugs and physical abuse.

When Seth re-enters her life a few years later, the walls around her heart slowly come down and the two of them fall in love.

Unfortunately sometimes, fate has other ideas, and we're forced down a different road from which we initially set out.

Publisher: Lori L.Clark
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Length: 177 pages
Format: Paperback, ebook
Release Date: January 23, 2013
Buying Links: Amazon  Barnes & Noble 


  1. Love your blog! Thank you for being on the tour for Different Roads!

  2. It's not easy to put ourselves into the shoes of the girls in these relationships so it's easy for us to be like... ok leave him then, but it's different when you're a part of the relationship--not that I've ever been in that situation but I've read a few books where it really puts you in the victim's head. Anyways, great post! :)

  3. Sounds like a painful read and I love those best :) On the wishlist it goes.

  4. Oh man, this sounds like a toughie. Good, but tough. I'll have to keep this one in mind when I need a book like it.


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