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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Review of Darkness Hunts by Keri Arthur

Publisher: Signet Select
Series: Dark Angels #4
Format Read: Paperback
Release Date: November 6, 2012
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Book blurb (from goodreads):
New York Times bestselling author Keri Arthur returns to the enthralling Guardian World—and a twilight realm of danger and desire… 
Risa Jones, half-Aedh/half-werewolf, can enter the realm between life and death. She can speak to the dying and the dead, and she can see the reapers, collectors of souls. What she can not yet see is the identity of a stranger murdering women and draining their blood. Now Risa must summon her gifts to find him, even if it means putting her own life in danger. But Risa needn’t look far. The killer knows who she is. 

He tells her his victims are infected by darkness and he’s fated to destroy them. Fascinated by Risa, he engages her in a sinister game: the chance to save the life of his next victim by deciphering his series of clues. In a race against time, she enlists the help of the reaper Azriel. 

But as an attraction between them grows, so does the fear that the stranger’s motives are only part of a larger, more dangerous stratagem—one that that has lured Risa and Azriel into the dark.

Bea's Thoughts:

Judging by the reviews on goodreads and Amazon, I am in the minority in my feelings for this book. It left me lukewarm, impatient and I probably won't read the next one.

There's not much forward movement in the overall story arc: 2 steps forward, 4 steps back; too much repetition of events from one book to the next; and too many coincidences. But really, it's the slowness of the main arc that's bothering me. We're four books in and not a lot has happened. Each book has the main arc and then a plotline specific to that book, which takes up the majority of the book. I assume that the book specific plots are adding to and leading up to the finale but it feels like Arthur is dragging it out as long as she can. It's frustrating. 

There's some forward movement in the relationship between Risa and Azriel but we make it most of the way through the book before that happens and there's way too much rehashing of the problems between them. There's also change in the relationship between Risa and Lucian, one I was happy to see. Jak is back; I still don't trust him, or Lucian, but he was a little more likable.

The main mystery keeps Risa busy, with little time to rest, barely time to eat. She and Azriel are on a tight time line trying to track down the killer and maybe, hopefully, rescue his victims. Rhoan is actively involved in the investigation and not at all happy that Risa is, nor is Riley happy about it.
He groaned. "Don't tell me Riley's listening-"
"Yes, she is," Riley said mildly, over my shoulder. "And she's very interested in the reason why you're involving Risa in Directorate business."
 "Because I have no other damn choice, that's why. Look, I'll explain everything later. Right now, we have a murderer to hunt, and Ris has to be in on it."
"Is this something I can help with? I have more experience than Ris-"
"Yeah, but that's not going to help in this case. She made contact with the killer on the astral plane before she knew we were after him, and now he won't deal with anyone else."
"He's a murderer. He should be dead, not dealing with anyone, least of all Risa."
"The problem is, he's a f***ing ghost and we can't find him. We have to use Risa to have any hope of tracking him down, but trust me, we'll take good care of her."
 "I trust you, Rhoan. I just don't trust the killers you hunt."
She squeezed my shoulder, then walked away, leaving me feeling warm deep inside. I might have lost my real mom, but in very many ways, I still had another.
The book is fast-paced but as I said, the series itself is moving slowly. There's humor, some romance, and action but wish that the story arc was making more progress. There is some in this book but it's incremental. If that works for you, then you'll probably enjoy the book.

My review of Darkness Devours.

I received this book from the publisher for review. Ms. Arthur sent me books 1 & 2.

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