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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What happens when you lose a bet

No, not me. I don't bet unless you count the occasional raffle ticket. No, this was author Krista D Ball. She's a regular on the blog, between guest posts and my reviews of her books. Earlier this year Krista was tipsy, or even flat-out drunk and fellow author Debora Geary took advantage of her tipsy state and made a bet with Krista about her most recent book, "What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank". Krista must have been very tipsy, as she bet against herself. If the book sold X number of copies in the first month, Krista would make a video of herself singing "You Are My Sunshine" and post it on YouTube. The book sold and earlier today Krista posted the video. So, if you want a laugh, check it out.


  1. haha too funny! It must have been around hallowwen right? Love the little batman in the back :)

  2. The video was taken on Sunday for my annual themed Yule dinner. Other people dressed up, so she wanted to dress up, too :D

  3. wonderful that she honored her drunken bet!


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