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Friday, December 7, 2012

Sex & Research the Jodi Redford Way: A Guest Post

Please welcome the disco-loving, demon-loving, peen-loving, irrepressible Jodi Redford back to the Nook today. At the ripe age of seven, Jodi Redford penned her first epic, complete with stick figure illustrations. Sadly, her drawing skills haven’t improved much, but her love of fantasy worlds never went away. These days she writes about fairies, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures, only with considerably more heat.

She has won numerous contests, including The Golden Pen and Launching a Star. When not writing or working the day job, she enjoys gardening and way too many reality television shows.

She loves to hear from readers. You can email her at and visit her online at and her blog . You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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I’ll let you in on a secret. Okay, it’s not particularly profound or life altering, but I’ll pretend it is for needless dramatic effect. *sucks in a deep, shuddering breath* Guest posts aren’t easy for me to write. *Waits for the cries of sympathy to subside* Here’s the thing. I can write a sixty thousand word novel without batting an eye, but when it comes to guest posts I’m usually left banging my head against the wall trying to think of something interesting. Or mildly entertaining. Let’s face it, there are only so many dissertations I can write on the mating habits of puffer fish. Tragic, I know. So when Bea mentioned my book research as a possible topic, I jumped on it like it was a Joe Manganiello impersonator at an all-male revue. Ahem. Not that I’ve ever done that before.

 Now, between you and me, there’s a 99% chance Bea suggested research to me because she’s scouting out where to buy the sex swing from "Checking It Twice". I know how that crafty wench’s mind works. {Moi?} Also, it’s something I would do. Regardless, sharing my research would also further my quest to provide Bea with guest posts that elicit odd and appropriately perverted hits on her blog, so clearly this was a sign handed down from the heavens. {Or hell. It could be a sign of the apocalypse. I'm just sayin'. ~ Bea} So without further ado, I present to you …

JODI’S TOP FIVE SEXY RESEARCH ITEMS GUARANTEED TO GET ODD AND PERVERTED HITS ON BEA’S BOOK NOOK. WITH LINKS! (warning, the links lead to some very NSFW sites. Best to browse from the comfort of your home with no kiddos around and your non-maxed out charge card ready.)

1)      The infamous sex swing. That’s right. I don’t just use it for show in the warning for Checking It Twice. It’s actually in the book, folks. Because really, how much would that suck, expecting a sex swing and nada? When I promise a sex swing, I freakin’ deliver the goods. The awesome thing about this sex swing is that it spins. Gents, it’s like a merry-go-round for your penis! How awesome is that?!? Now ladies, I’ve got you covered too. Don’t have time to hit the gym? Then buy yourself the yoga sex swing. Your downward dog will have him howling!

2)      Erotic jewelry. As in a buzzing butterfly. Bzzz. Bzzzzzz. BZZZZZZZZZ!  The one used in Checking It Twice is mostly of my own creation, but this site has a few that come very close to it. There’s even a signet ring for his Johnson! That’s right, ladies. Make him feel special with some bling for his bologna. {Jodi is all about the bling; she has an awesome bling collection. However, most of it is not suitable for public viewing :P~ Bea} 

3)      Edible lube. They don’t sell this stuff at Jiffy Lube. Trust me, I asked.  That 8 minute in and out promise they make? It’s an honest mistake, people. Yeesh. So anyway…Want to make his penis happy? Then get Happy Penis. Those cartoon penises on the label are smiling for a reason, you guys. Or maybe you prefer going vegan. Which is kinda contradictory, given the situation. *wink wink nudge nudge* Might I suggest some Good Clean Love? As opposed to dirty clean love, of course. Which I’m guessing would also be a contradiction. Unless you’re doing the deed at Jiffy Lube in a puddle of motor oil. Hey, whatever floats your boat. {shouldn't that be 'car'? lol ~ Bea}

4)      Candy Cane Flavored Body Paint. Make his pole feel like the North Pole! Sadly, this is another spun-mostly-from-my-own-brain creation. The closest similar product is the aptly named Candy Cane Emotion Lotion.  Doesn’t it have a catchy ring to it? I’ve even come up with a snazzy little jingle. “Come show your sweetie some devotion...with Candy Cane Emotion Lotion… She’ll surely be boastin’…that your bedroom moves be roastin’…while you stroke her to the stylin’s of Billy Ocean.”

It’s still a work in progress.   >.> {yes, yes it is, but points for trying ~ Bea}

5)      Jana’s Re-imagined Adult videos.  Riding Miss Daisy. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Strap On. Ah, time honored classics. Sadly there were a few that didn’t make the cut. Someday you will have your moment in the sun, Edward Penishands, and it will be even bigger than Lawrence of Her Labia. {BWAHAHAHA} *wipes tear from my eye*

So there you have it. An enlightening peek into some of the sexy research that goes into creating my books. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Heat Level: Erotic (m/f/m menage)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing 

Release Date: November 27, 2012
Format: eBook
Length: 60,000 words

Buying Links:
Barnes & Noble:

Book Blurb (from author): 
Tis the season for double seduction.
The only item on Jana Colton’s Christmas list this year is Kevin Monahan. Preferably naked in her bed. The delicious, hunky chef has been resisting her forever, but she’s pulling out all the sexy stops this holiday. Especially since his acceptance of an out-of-state job threatens to nix her quest to rock his boxers off.

Jana has always been Kevin’s personal Kryptonite, but giving in to her isn’t an option. Relationships are a four-letter word in his book. He cares far too much for Jana to let his emotional baggage ultimately break her heart. With the arrival of his best friend, Nick Pappas, the balance of temptation shifts. From their past history of sharing women, Nick knows every dirty trick it takes to lead Kevin astray, and he’s not afraid to use them. Particularly since Nick’s convinced that Jana is exactly what Kevin needs to be happy and whole.

Their game of seduction quickly snowballs into something that feels an awful lot like love—in triplicate.
But with Kevin dead set on leaving Michigan, there’s a real possibility it could be a blue Christmas for them all.
Product Warnings:
This book contains an extremely tormented voyeur, a very naughty and not so saintly Nick, a liberal application of candy cane-flavored body paint, a buzzing butterfly, and enough raunchy fun on a sex swing to melt a snowman…or two.
Check out my review of "Checking It Twice":

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  1. Thanks for letting me victimized your blog today, Bea! *sits back and waits for the awesomely perverted spam bots to zero in on Bea's coordinates*

    1. My pleasure, bots and all. Rarely has a guest post been so much fun. :D

    2. It would have been even more fun with pictures. Bwaah!

  2. Wow! HOT HOT HOT!!!!! GOOD LUCK . MERRY XMAS. would love to win the kindle fire hd.

  3. Fun research and post.

  4. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  5. Jodi: If you could jump into one of your books which would it be and why?

    Happy Holidays!

    1. Great question, Lynn! If I could jump into any of my books it would probably be Vanessa Unveiled. A magical world that coexists in a highrise hotel in the woods, and 2 hot pookas to explore the sights with? Sign me up! :)

  6. Hmm, I think I need to read that one. It's in my TBR pile on my Kindle.

    1. There's a horny, foul-mouthed, Jimmy Buffett-obsessed unicorn, Bea! *waits while the sheer awesomeness of that sinks in*

    2. Why do you think I bought it? :D

  7. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  8. This sounds hot and I love how you incorporate the research into your books. ;)

  9. oh my...this post cracked me up!! Candy Cane flavored lube, oh I'm so hoping some lub manufacture picks that beaut of an idea up! Now I'm super glad I picked up both of your xmas books up to read this holiday season. Sounds like I'm in for a real treat ;)

    1. Hee hee. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I hope you like the books!

    2. I'm telling you, JoAnne, they're missing out on a preemo opportunity if they don't. ;) And thank you!! I hope you enjoy the books!

  10. I loved the characters! Nick and Kevin are super HOT!


  11. I'm busting up laughing just on the fact that Jodi set out to get Bea hit with the crazy search links!!! I absolutely love it!!!! Wicked, indeed!

    I became a fan when Amanda at On A Book Bender recommended Jodi's books to me when I needed a hot read (cuze, ya know, you need those sometimes). I ripped thru the first the three That Old Black Magic's in days!! LOVE!! They are cheesy hot reads without actually being cheesy, if that's possible. Just good writing.

    Thanks for making me laugh this morning!!


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