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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ARC Review of Trapped by Kevin Hearne

Publisher: Del Rey
Series: Iron Druid Chronicles #5
Format Read: eGalley
Release Date: November 27, 2012
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Book Blurb (from goodreads):

After twelve years of secret training, Atticus O’Sullivan is finally ready to bind his apprentice, Granuaile, to the earth and double the number of Druids in the world. But on the eve of the ritual, the world that thought he was dead abruptly discovers that he’s still alive, and they would much rather he return to the grave.

Having no other choice, Atticus, his trusted Irish wolfhound, Oberon, and Granuaile travel to the base of Mount Olympus, where the Roman god Bacchus is anxious to take his sworn revenge—but he’ll have to get in line behind an ancient vampire, a band of dark elves, and an old god of mischief, who all seem to have KILL THE DRUID at the top of their to-do lists.

Reviewed By: Bea

 "They were once merely Druids, you say. The Tuatha De' Danann."
"Yes, but they were skilled in their own magic even before that."
"How did they become gods? What powers did they accrue when they did?
"They became gods once people worshipped them as such. They became vessels for Celtic faith, tuning forks for our yearnings, keepers of our hopes and prayers. And the powers they gained were those assigned to them by worshippers. Manannan Mac Lir was not a psychopomp until people thought he was; he was only a Druid with some extra powers in the sea."....
"Godhead transcends generations and requires the concerted belief of a large number of people." ....
"The connection is that there are clearly some powers and processes in the universe we simply don't understand yet. They are ineffable-for now. I don't know how it's possible for Gaia to have a magical nature. And the Tuatha De' Danann cannot tell you how, precisely, they gained the powers of gods on top of the powers of Druids. But they  can tell you they didn't always possess them. Some grew slowly, and some were discovered abruptly. And it's no different with any other gang of gods....the smart ones will tell you they're not sure how they got the gig they got and they don't remember creating humanity, much less the world. For most of space and time, they weren't there; and then, one day, they were, complete with a small but hopefully growing collection of praying humans."....
"Nobody has the answer, do they?" she asked quietly.
"No. I'm sorry."
Bea's Thoughts:

I love this series, I don't ever want it to end. Hearne takes mythology and Druidry and brings them to the modern world in stories that are full of action, humor, religious and philosophical discussion, pop culture references, a little romance, strong plotting and in-depth characterization. All but one have been four and five star reads for me (over on goodreads since I don't use ratings here.) I gave this one four stars.

Life is rarely dull with Atticus around, especially as he tends to speak without thinking first. It's that tendency that gets him into so much trouble. His words have unintended consequences and then he has to to try to clean up and make amends. For the most part, Atticus is a live and let live guy; you leave him alone and he'll leave you alone. But if you mess with something or someone that matters to him, he gets involved. Between that and his speak first, think later tendency, he winds up in many adventures. He's an honorable man and always repays his debts.

Those debts come calling as he's trying to finish up the last stage of Granuaile's Druid training.They are constantly interrupted, there are numerous assassination attempts on their lives, and finding out who is responsible and the connections amongst everything going on is one heck of a roller coaster ride. Along the way, Atticus and Granuaile hang out with a sea god, see Amelia Earhart (and oh boy, was Granuaile NOT HAPPY about that), Atticus finally admits he's attracted to Granuaile, they meet new elementals and oh yes, they go to Hel. :D

Hearne winds up some storylines from earlier books, advances others and introduces new ones. I was a bit concerned when I first found out that this book takes place twelve years in the future, but it wasn't a problem at all. For most of the book, they are out in the wilderness or off in other planes of reality. The few times Atticus and Granuaile are in the modern world, Hearne keeps the details vague enough that it feels current but not stagnant.

The pace is fast, the plot convoluted but tightly woven, it's a nearly perfect story. "Trapped" is an excellent addition to the series and I'm counting down the days to the next one. Now, go to your favorite book store or book site and buy this book. 

Some favorite quotes:
"Oh yeah, I forgot. Irish wolfhounds are the ultimate accessory for humans."
"So they've decided you're a tad easier to kill. Nothin' personal, y'see. It's not your fault that your life is in the way of their personal ambition." "Silly of me to be offended, then."
Dark tangles of hair, groomed by static or maybe playful kittens, provided stark chaotic frames for pale symmetrical faces.
People go into sporting goods stores ostensibly to prepare themselves to get closer to nature, but, in fact, every time they buy another plastic doodad, they're doing just the opposite.
"You sent in the clowns?" I said into the phone.
 Druid's Log, July 15: Dark elves are not only quick and efficient killers but creative and pyrotechnically inclined ones. (I love the Star Trek reference and it's not the only one in the book.)
 I beamed at him. "You're my favorite sea god, you know." "Aw, get your nose out of me arse. Just make life interestin' as ye promised." (That of course is something that Atticus has no trouble doing.)
Really, go pre-order the book NOW!

I received an eARC from the publisher for review.


  1. Can't wait to read it, Bea! I adore Kevin's writing, thanks for an excellent review! Love the quotes in the end :)

    1. I was tempted to do a review that was nothing but quotes :D It was a very good book, sigh. Maybe your book buying ban will be over by the time this one comes out.

  2. I have only read the first 2 novels in this series but really enjoyed them; I hope to find the time to continue on with the others sometime soon.

    I usually like my books with romance but still loved these but I am happy to read that Atticus finally admits he's attracted to Granuaile!

    A wonderful review! those quotes are fantastic.

    1. I love this series so much. The romance is light, which I don't mind, but I was also happy that Atticus finally admitted his attraction and his feelings. I hope you keep reading the series, it's worth your time!

  3. I hadn't heard of this series, but wow, your review and the excerpts really caught my attention. And I soooooo love that cover!

    1. Woot! A convert. I hope you like the series. I think it's one of best UF series on the market.


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