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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review of Going the Distance by Angela Addams

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Release Date: December 26, 2011

Series: Cupid's Conquests #2
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Book Blurb (from goodreads):

Ronan’s been in love with Steph Randell since they were teenagers. Pierced by Cupid’s arrow as a teen, the country boy fell hard for her. 

As an award-winning actress, Steph has a mind of her own and is blinded by her ambition. Yet, for all her money and fame, the only time she truly finds peace is in Ronan’s arms. But she thinks that all she needs is a friend with benefits. 

Cupid messed up and needs to fix things—an incredible boon if he can succeed. All he has to do is show Steph what she is missing and prove to Ronan that Steph is worth fighting for. What will Steph risk for love? And what is Ronan willing to give up to get his girl?

Reviewed by: Bea 


She needed this. She needed him. He was the only real thing in her life. The only one she could trust and count on. He was always there when she needed him to be and gone when she didn't. Her Ronan.

My Thoughts:

I like a friends to lovers story, and while this doesn't fit that niche exactly, it's close enough for me. Steph and Ronan were a couple in high school but they had different dreams and she left immediately after graduation. But neither forgot the other and over the years, as Steph has become a Hollywood star and Ronan has struggled to make his ranch thrive, they have always reconnected. Steph periodically sneaks away from Hollywood and hooks up with Ronan at his ranch in their hometown. Steph blows in whenever she feels like it and just expects Ronan to be available. He desperately loves her and makes himself available.

I wanted to kick Ronan for being Steph's doormat; seriously bub, grow a pair! I wanted to smack Steph for being so spoiled, selfish, and manipulative. I had a hard time warming up to Steph, she seemed very selfish, arrogant, and shallow. Both she and Ronan have some growing up to do, and with a little help from Cupid, they manage it. I enjoyed watching their relationship change and develop a more equal footing. The sex scenes were hot, the story flowed, and it had a happy ending. Go read!

Some quotes:
And just like that, he was lost. She was his drug of choice.
The days when Steph came were always bittersweet for Ronan. He loved to have her there, in his home, acting like a domesticated little housewife, his little housewife, and yet, he knew it was all a fantasy. She was no housewife, and she was not his, no matter how much he wanted it to be otherwise.
 He slid his mouth down her neck, trailing kisses over her collarbone to her breast, latching onto her nipple without pause. She jolted up when he nipped her, exquisite pain there and gone as he smoothed her aching nub with his tongue, rolling it, flicking it, sucking it deep into his warm mouth.

I received a Kindle copy from the author for review. 


  1. Thanks for the great review, Bea! I love that I got an emotional reaction out of you!

  2. Emotional, and a little violent, lol.

  3. Another fresh and honest review of what sounds like a well-written story. Well done both!

    Aw, and it's nice to know Goths can be romantic too... ;-)

  4. Great review, the genre isn't one I cross into often but the review here has definitely piqued my interest!


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