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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nora Roberts 2012 Release Schedule

I'm a fan of Nora Roberts as well as her alter ego, JD Robb, and always look forward to her new books, though I don't buy every one. I usually buy her Robb books once they go to paperback and I get her Roberts books from my library. The ones that I really like I buy when they're available in paperback. I like to know when they are being released, as do many of her readers, and Roberts thoughtfully provides a schedule on her website. She also just sent out her newsletter with a schedule of new releases (not  re-releases) for 2012. I've reprinted it below and here's a link to the full release schedule on her website.

Celebrity in Death (hardcover)
The Witness (hardcover) 
The Last Boyfriend (trade) The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #2 
Delusion in Death (hardcover)
The Perfect Hope (trade) The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #3
The newsletter also had an excerpt from the next JD Robb book, "Celebrity in Death". There will be a link to the excerpt on her site in a few days. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Bea,

    I have only just recently discovered this author(s) and become hooked on both styles of writing.

    I think that if I was truly honest, I prefer it when she writes as JD Robb.

    I checked her out on one of the sites I use and cannot believe just how prolific an author she is, so I doubt that I shall ever get around to reading everything she has written.

    However, for a quick, cozy read, I shall always have a book on standby.


  2. There was a time I preferred her Roberts books to her Robb books but I've gone the other direction, and most of the time now, I prefer her Robb books to her newer Roberts books. She is a very prolific author, and trying to read them all could be a full-time job I think. :D

  3. I love Nora Roberts, always buy her books in Hardcover or now on Kindle. Lately her stand alone Hardcovers have been missing the certain something that makes a Nora Roberts book a Nora Roberts book. But The Witness reminded me why this women is a publishing powerhouse. I couldn't put it down and couldn't wait until nap time/bed time to finish reading. Which I did in 48 hours. Felt like Nora deserved some accolades for this novel.


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