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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Author Interviews - Kelley Armstrong board authors

     When I decided to try my hand at interviewing authors, I thought about what authors I wanted to inerview. Well, that list is long and includes some big names who will probably turn me down when I do get around to asking. But, it immediately occurred to me that I knew a group of authors, some personally, some not, who I wanted to spotlight and who might even agree to being interviewed by me. :P

     I belong to various author boards, including that of the awesome Kelley Armstrong. Her board has an online writers group that is very active and apparently very effective, as more and more are now published authors or have been signed by a publisher. So, I approached them and most graciously agreed. So, I will run a series of interviews over the course of the year with published members of the KA board OWG. I plan to run a review of their most current work along with the interview and some giveaways are also planned.

     The list of participants is subject to change as other OWG members get signed or published, and there's always the possibility of someone cancelling. The current line up is as follows, dates to be determined:

  • Morgan Ashbury - romance and erotica: interview, part 1; interview, part 2 2/14/11

  • Seleste deLaney AKA Julie Particka - paranormal romance as deLaney; YA as Particka: interview

  • Kelly Metz - urban fantasy - TBD

  • Ian O'Neill - mystery and urban fantasy - TBD

  • Angela Addams - paranormal romance: interview 4/30/11

  • Julie Campbell - YA urban fantasy: guest post 3/9/11; interview - October/November 2011

  • D.B. Reynolds - paranormal romance: Interview 5/16/11


    1. That's a great idea! I'm looking forward to it. (Maybe by the end of the year I'll be on the list? Heh. Who knows?)

    2. Jess, I try to keep up with the OWG published list but I'm sure I will miss something. Drop Jax or a line and we can set soemthing up.

    3. Looking forward to reading them Bea. I did two interviews this year and really enjoyed them. Anne and Julie from OWG. Great responses and blog hits on both interviews. Can't wait for yours. :)

    4. Thanks Bea, that's great! Of course, it's still dependent on the "getting published. Ever" portion. :)

      And I am actually following you on Twitter... not sure what's going on there...

    5. Jess, Twitter lies, Often. :D It also tried to tell me that Sel wasn't following me despite the fact that she is. Sigh.

      pat, I'm looking forward to the interviews and I need to get cracking on setting up dates and writing out questions.

    6. Oh, that is really really awesome!!
      Can't wait to read them!
      I saw you have an interview up with Ms Peeler.. I need to check it from home!

    7. I'm very excited about it :)



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