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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ho Ho Ho Read-A-Thon Wrap Up

The read-a-thon is over and I made my goal. Whoo hoo! *tosses confetti*

Hosted by hosted by Bookshelfery and Caffeinated Book Reviewer Nov. 12th-17th, the idea was to read holiday or winter themed books. I had an extensive list of titles to choose from and added two more during the challenge.

My goal was 5 titles from my list. I read 7 1/3, though only 7 count. I got a third of the way through book 8 but then the read-a-thon ended. The stories ranged from short stories to 300+ page novels and the genres were romances, mystery, and even erotica.

I read:

  1. A Silver Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear (Read 11/17, review to come)
  2. Summer Beach Vets: Playing Santa (Christmas Special) by H.Y. Hanna (Read 11/12; Click to see review)
  3. The Christmas Bake-Off by Abby Clements (Read 11/12; click to see review)
  4.  What Happens At Christmas (Millworth Manor) by Victoria Alexander (Read 11/14; click to see review) 
  5. Christmas Kink: Five Festive Fantasies by Kay Jaybee (Read 11/12; click to see review)
  6. The Cop Who Stole Christmas by Christie Craig - (Read 11/13-11/14; click to see review)
  7.  Killer Christmas by Harper Lin (Read 11/14; click to see review)

 How did you do? If you didn't participate, do you plan on reading any holiday themed books?


  1. Love those holiday reads!!! I really liked the family in What Happens At Christmas. They were a riot. Hope you enjoyed Terry Spear's book. I do plan on reading some holiday books, but won't be starting most of them until next month.

    1. They were an interesting family for sure. :D I liked the Spears book quite a bit. Looking forward to seeing what you read for the holidays.

  2. You did fantastic and a few of these are new to me. What Happened at Christmas is the only one I have read. I will check out your reviews to see if I need to fix that :)

    1. Most were meh. The Spears book was good. I'll post that review next month.

  3. Congrats!! Someday I'll participate in this one and maybe others. :D

  4. You did great, Bea! And getting so many reviewed as well. Good for you. And you had a nice mix of books, too.

    1. Thanks Jan. :)

      The reviews were quickie ones I hastily put up at goodreads but I'm planning on expanding some of them.


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