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Monday, February 23, 2015

EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY: The Lost Island by Sadie Anjum


Today I'm delighted to have another author from the now defunct Kelley Armstrong message board. Sadie Anjum lives in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire in England, with her children. She loves the world of supernatural, horror, fantasy and paranormal.  If she isn't writing, she will be found with her nose in a book, and a cup of coffee in her hand.

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A loud caw made him jump. Turning he found himself face to face with one of the birds, sitting on his other self’s face. A huge creature, bigger than he originally thought it to be, the bird appeared as big as him, with a huge body. It bent and tugged the nose off the face it sat on and ground it in its jaws, staring Craig in the eye. Standing as still as possible, not daring to move, Craig stared the creature out. It cocked its head to the side and opened its jaws, chewed flesh and bone tumbled out onto the ground. Sickened by the display he stepped back quickly and heard a swish as something landed beside him. Another bird. This one closer to him than the other. He back stepped in the other direction but another loud caw stopped him in his tracks. He spun around swiftly, noticing the birds had surrounded him in all directions. One of the birds stood tall and beat its wings blowing sand across the clearing. Craig stared in horror at the bird. It towered over him by a good inch, its wings were enormous, with feathers which looked anything but soft and fluffy. Each feather almost as big as his hand gave the impression of being rough and steel like. The one sitting on the head, Craig noticed, seemed to be slightly bigger than the others, and appeared to be the leader, whom the others continually watched and picked up cues from. The leader cawed loudly and flapped its wings, the other birds followed on. Craig placed his hands over his ears trying to drown out the horrific noise.

Swiftly, he turned tail and raced across the clearing, wanting to get away. The cawing grew louder as did the swish of wings, as the birds soared into the air and gave chase. Craig tripped over a stone and went crashing face first into the sand. He slammed his fist down, wincing as pain shot up his arm. Pushing himself up, he darted a quick glance behind him and noticed one of the birds swoop down behind him. The bird grabbed hold of his shirt and took off with him into the air. He screeched shaking himself to and fro, and tugged at his clothing. The struggle paid off and he heard the tear of fabric, as he fell free of the bird’s grasp. His body hurtled towards the ground, accelerating. He shut his eyes tight and braced himself for the impact. Claws grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him skywards once again.

He screamed, “No let me go! Let me go!” The birds claws dug into his shoulder blades clasping onto him in an iron tight grip. Blood oozed out of his shoulders, streaming down his front. The bird beat its wings harder and harder, gaining speed. Too fast, he couldn’t breathe. His torso hanging down felt like lead weight, and his legs collided with the tops of the trees breaking bones. He tried to focus on stopping his body thrashing around wildly, and gain some control, but the speed at which the bird flew made it impossible. He squeezed his eyes shut and screamed.


Craig Henderson has it all--a promising career, a beautiful wife, and women throwing themselves at his feet. Then his life is turned upside down when he messes with the wrong girl. He ends up in a deadly situation with no possible escape. His only way out is offered by a mysterious young stranger: a choice to spend a day on a Lost Island, a magical place, where all is not what it seems. There he meets creatures the likes of which he has never seen before, resulting in a battle for survival.

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Format: Kindle
Release Date: January 29, 2015
Buying Links:  Amazon US*  | Amazon UK 
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Sadie is giving away 1 ecopy of The Lost Island. Currently, the book is Kindle only BUT she will send a PDF if the winner does not have a Kindle. Please read my Giveaway Policy. No Purchase necessary. You must be 18 years or older to enter. VOID where prohibited.

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  1. An amazing cover. Looking forward to this.

  2. looks and sounds awesome :) thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow, I absolutely adore the cover to this one! I know it sounds like something I would enjoy reading, and the premise is interesting!

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