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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Steph Reviews Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride by Kate Hardy

Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Format Read: E-book
Source: Received from publisher for honest review
Release Date: August 1, 2014
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Blurb from goodreads:

One look into the stranger's dark, mysterious eyes and Indigo Moran knows she's made a mistake in taking his picture. But who does he think he is? A prince? That night Indigo discovers that's exactly who he is: Crown Prince Lorenzo Torelli of Melvante.

To Lorenzo, duty lies with his country—he can't offer Indigo forever. The trouble is…once he's kissed her, one unforgettable night will never be enough. And now Indigo's little secret is about to turn his carefully ordered world upside down!

Steph's Thoughts:

I spent my teen years reading Harlequin Romances, so given the opportunity to read one for review I jumped at the chance.

I enjoyed reading my first Harlequin in years but I didn’t love it. The story was cute and definitely the fairy tale Cinderella type that I always fall for, I just did not love Indigo, the heroine. I usually love free spirited, slightly geeky, heroines but something about Indigo just didn’t work for me. I also found Lorenzo lukewarm. With that being said, these two characters were good for each other. I did enjoy the scenes where Indi was showing Lorenzo how to be himself around everyday people. I loved the story itself. Ordinary girl meets Prince and they fall in love. What isn’t to love about that storyline, I just did not fall in love with the characters themselves and I am not sure why. Maybe it was just the day I was having or the stress of the past week. I finished the book in record time so I DID enjoy it! I just didn't love it.

I can understand Indi’s reluctance to dive into Lorenzo’s world. Life in the public eye has to be crazy and having a crazy past relationship or two, is enough to make anybody think twice about taking that step but her stubbornness got a bit annoying at times. The other thing that was a bit disappointing, there is no sex. Well no sex scenes, I should say. They spend all night together and Indi gets pregnant so obviously there is sex but the whole book is G-rated. I love a good steamy sex scene but I was left unfulfilled on that front.

Overall the story is cute and fun but I found the characters a tad unlikeable and I could have used a good sex scene or two.


  1. This sounds cute but like most Harlequins was lacking a little something. Thanks for sharing! I think I'll skip this one.

  2. Oh it's hard when you just aren't meshing all the way with the characters. It does sound cute though other than that :)

  3. I don't think that would be my cup of tea, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Have you tried Sarah Mayberry's Harlequin books or any of her books? I would definitely recommend her. She's actually a favorite and auto-read author for me. :)


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