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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Charles de Lint Novella!

I got an email from Subterranean Press today. They are printing a limited run of a new story by Charles de Lint, the author whose books introduced me to urban fantasy. I've moved away from his books in recent years but this one sounds so good, I'm tempted.

The blurb ~ Maria Martinez is a young maid, cleaning houses to get by, living in a neighborhood of Santo del Vado Viejo plagued by gang violence and drug cartels. When Maria witnesses her best friend from her teenage years breaking into a house in a gated community where she’s working, she has no problem pretending to the police she didn’t see a thing. But as Luz Chaidez comes back into Maria’s life, Maria can’t help remembering the magic Luz left to look for all those years ago. Magic she may have found. Maria is curiously drawn to one of Luz’s green-hooded gang of robbers, a handsome redheaded boy who calls himself Jack Green. Soon enough, she’s venturing into the dangerous territory of robbing from the rich to give to the poor…

From SubPress's email:
In this 22,000 word novella, Charles de Lint brings one of the world’s most beloved tales into the modern day, transporting Robin Hood from the green wood to the barrio. Jack in the Green recasts an epic story of love and friendship, with justice at its center, in a way that readers won’t soon forget.

Jack in the Green features a full-color dust jacket, and five interior b&w vignettes by longtime de Lint collaborator, Charles Vess.

 The book is a limited, signed, numbered hardcover edition, with only 2000 copies available. You can pre-order here -

The gorgeous cover -

I'm really tempted, I'm a fan of the Robin Hood story, but the price is too high for me. :(


  1. Oh, how I adore de Lint. But alas! I'm not in a position to pay $35 for a novella when I'm paying that and more for text books.

    1. Yeah, it's really high. I'll just have to hope it comes out as an ebook and is reasonably priced.


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