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Thursday, June 27, 2019

24-Hour Giveaway!!!!! Salvation Day by Kali Wallace ENTER NOW!!! Ends June 28th!!!!!!

Kali Wallace’s "Salvation Day" is a gripping tale of high-stakes survival set over a 24-hour period. It follows a doomsday cult that takes a group of students hostage on board a seemingly abandoned spaceship, where a terrifying threat lies in wait.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Berkley is hosting a 24-hour giveaway! Don't wait to enter!!!!!

The giveaway is live now and runs until midnight on June 28. 

Enter the Giveaway:

Check out the trailer here:

They thought the ship would be their salvation.

Zahra knew every detail of the plan. House of Wisdom, a massive exploration vessel, had been abandoned by the government of Earth a decade earlier, when a deadly virus broke out and killed everyone on board in a matter of hours. But now it could belong to her people if they were bold enough to take it. All they needed to do was kidnap Jaswinder Bhattacharya—the sole survivor of the tragedy, and the last person whose genetic signature would allow entry to the spaceship.

But what Zahra and her crew could not know was what waited for them on the ship—a terrifying secret buried by the government. A threat to all of humanity that lay sleeping alongside the orbiting dead.

And then they woke it up.


Kali Wallace has had a lifelong passion for both science and storytelling, and she earned a PhD in geophysics before becoming an author. Salvation Day is her first novel for adults. She is also the author of two young adult novels, "Shallow Graves" and "The Memory Trees"; the children’s fantasy novel "City of Islands"; and a number of short stories. After spending most of her life in Colorado, she now lives in southern California. Check out her website:


  1. The link to the giveaway is not working for me

    1. Hmm, are you in the US?

      This is the only link I can find for the giveaway.


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