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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Brit Babes Street Team is Recruiting!

I'm not a member of the Brit Babes, though I am on several other teams*, but I work with one of it's members, Lucy Felthouse, on tours and I have hosted several of the other authors on the blog. So when they asked if I'd share, I agreed.

The Brit Babes are Recruiting!

The Brit Babes are eight critically acclaimed British erotica authors and we need you for our Street Team!

The Babes are:

Emmy Ellis

Kay Jaybee

KD Grace

Lexie Bay

Lily Harlem

Lucy Felthouse

Tabitha Rayne

Background to the Babes

The idea for the Brit Babes began a little over a year ago when a group of us got together for one of those rare opportunities to sit and chat to other writers. We were at Eroticon 2013 and after a day of networking, we were discussing the problems faced by writers and whether, as a group, we could help each other to promote our work. The conversation evolved over several glasses of wine, as these things do and we came up with the idea for the Brit Babes based on the fact that eight people working together would be better than one!

While we were talking we decided that not only did we want to get our books out there, we also wanted somewhere online where we could interact with and involve our readers and so the idea of the Brit Babes Street Team was born.

What is a Street Team

What is a ‘street team’? Basically, as authors we want our work to be read. The best way to get the word out for us is through the medium of reviews, which is why we need readers who are happy to tell the world what they think of our stories.

Our members post reviews for our erotic romance and erotica books on Amazon and Goodreads as well as their Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread the word on the 'street' about our work. We also connect on Pinterest too.

So at first we started off with a Yahoo group and a few readers that we knew already tweeted and posted about our work and the results have been fabulous! We now have a group of dedicated readers who shout about our new releases and come and gossip with us and each other on our Yahoo and Facebook groups.

So if you enjoy talking all things erotica and erotic romance and you want to be part of a growing community, why not come and join us? Not only will you have fun but we’ll also send you free copies of our books in return for posting reviews on as many websites and social media platforms as you can! We also host cool monthly prizes exclusively for team members.

Leave us a comment at the below link with your email address and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

We can’t wait to hear from you.

The Brit Babes xx
*I belong to the Lusty Ladies, for author Cara Covington; the Beast Claws, for author Faith Hunter; and Decadent Dishes, for publisher Decadent Publishing.


  1. I read erotica, but I don't review it. I'll have to check out some of these author's books :)

  2. I'm interested, but swamped at the moment. :(


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