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Friday, November 13, 2015

Bea Reviews Report for Booty by Jodi Redford

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Source: the author in exchange for an honest review
Release Date: November 3, 2015 
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Blurb from goodreads:

A Kinky Chronicles Crossover story

Mason Gamble and Nash Vincent are pros at making people sweat. As former Army Rangers who run the toughest, ball-busting fitness boot camp in Michigan, they take great pride in that fact. But thanks to the knockout brunette house sitting next door, suddenly they’re the ones experiencing excess perspiration. Fortunately, the perfect opportunity to be neighborly presents itself courtesy of a package delivery snafu.

Regan Wallace has trust issues. Specifically, trusting that her best friend won’t make good on her threat to send a Strip-O-Gram for Regan’s birthday. Is it any wonder she’d jump to the wrong conclusion when two gorgeous, camo-garbed hunks land on her front doorstep? Oops. The crazy part? They don’t seem the least bit scandalized or offended by her boneheaded blunder. Judging by the sinful heat in their eyes, they’re all too happy to provide her with a little two-on-one dirty dancing. For a woman recovering from a bad breakup, fielding the interest of two sex-on-a-stick men is both surreal and exhilarating. Indulging in a three-way fling? Completely out of her comfort zone. But with her stay limited to a week, some no-strings-attached sex might be precisely what she needs to get her confidence back in stride.

None of them are prepared for the consequences of a sexy fling feeling like so much more. As Regan’s stay draws closer to an end, Mason and Nash realize there’s no way in hell they’re letting the perfect woman slip through their fingers. And when it comes to fighting for her love, there are no fitter warriors for the ultimate battle to her heart.

This Veteran's Day, find home in the heart of our heroes with Report For Booty, part of the Red Hot Heroes multi-author series. Stands alone for reading enjoyment.

Bea's Thoughts:

"Report for Booty" is standard Jodi Redford fare, comfort food reading; light, frothy, not much depth, witty banter, laugh out loud scenes, some steamy sex scenes, and lots of proofreading errors. Regan is the cliched woman who's lovely and sexy but doesn't know it. She's smart, entrepreneurial, has anxiety attacks, and is somewhat inhibited. Until she meets Mason and Nash. They're attracted to her and she's attracted to them. Uncertain about a menage, she's nevertheless intrigued. But she's puzzled by their interest in her.

Mason and Nash are long-time friends who make a habit of sharing women. Within a matter of days, they're already thinking about settling down with Regan. They find her sexy, hot, desirable, and they even respect her love of reading romance books. They also enjoy reading, which she finds hot; who wouldn't? LOL. They are loyal, funny, hardworking, and treat Regan wonderfully. One nice thing about all of the characters - they're not in their twenties. Regan is 30 and the men are late 30s, which was a refreshing change from the emphasis on younger leads in many romances these days.

The romance, true love, and HEA happen much too quickly but it's a sweet and hot story. If you're in the mood for a light, pleasant romance, pick up "Report for Booty".


  1. Duly noted, next time I want a light steamy read, I'll pick that one :)

    1. Jodi's stories are perfect for when you need a light, fun read. :)

  2. Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing...

  3. I never read anything by this author but it sounds good.

    1. It's sweet but with steamy sex scenes. I really liked the humor.

  4. I've been steering away from Contemporary, but ménage? AND humor? Now you're talkin'! :D

    1. Jodi writes both contemporary and paranormal romances, always with humor and usually with a menage. :)


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